Our services include

Risk Management consisting of

the risk analysis for clients in risk management

and on that basis we process risk management program, projects and risk management and analysis and industrial Portfolio, which is obtained in the form of expertise, client work.

Evaluation of natural and industrial risks consisting of a risk analysis of companies mainly from the perspective of risk

The products of the evaluation of natural and industrial risks are

containing a comprehensive risk assessment, including a draft of the measures to reduce the risk. Assessment of natural risks presented in the form of risk reporting and aggregation of risks into account the criteria and requirements of international standards.

Environmental Risk Assessment

performed by the Slovak Republic Act no. 359/2007 Coll the prevention and remedying of environmental damage, taking into account the law 245/2003 Coll concerning integrated pollution prevention and control environment.

Czech Republic perform environmental risk assessment "environmental harm and its remedies" under the Act 167/2008 Coll., which implements the EP and Council Directive EC no. 2004/35/EC Directive "ELD" environmental liability directive to the extent

product of the environmental risk assessment

containing a comprehensive risk assessment, including a draft of the measures to reduce the risk.

For the Czech Republic, according to the law of the product environmental risk assessment


In cooperation with our partners and our experts offer our clients expert and expertise in accordance with the Act. 382/2004 on Experts, Interpreters.
The expert and expertise, are

Training and education in the field of risk management

the advice on risk management activities are part of our comprehensive advice on risk management, which provide our clients with risk management, whose main task is to reduce the likelihood of damage.

result is recommendations on risk management and training courses and seminars.

Damage management

perform independent claims handling by service. We handle management claims at

claims management service in a consultation for disposal of the accident, or if the management of the accident in the process of liquidation.

result of activities in the field of management losses (Loss Adjusting) (Schadenmanagemenht) is loss and damage report. In the process the claims management and risk reduction programs for the client's needs.